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Pirate Monkeyness



Pirate Insult Generator update

version 1.02

The Pirate Insult Generator v1.02 includes the following changes since v1.01

  • The info screen on the Insult tab now scrolls up from the bottom of the screen rather than resizing. It looks much better. The close button scrolls with it instead of appearing out of nowhere.
  • The info screen now has a nice parchment background.
  • Changed "Send Email" to "Share Insult" with an explanation and an option to get more info.
  • The Suggestion tab now has explanatory text.
  • When sending a suggestion, an alert will tell you if your suggestion was sent or not. If sent, the suggestion field is cleared, and if it fails, your suggestion remains.
  • Auto-rotation is turned off on all tabs until I can get it to work reliably.
  • Tested successfully in airplane mode and in-call mode.
  • Everything compiles with no warnings, even little ones.