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Pirate Monkeyness


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  • Even bigger new feature!


    The Pirate Monkeyness builders have been hard at work forging an even better Pirate Utility iPhone app. The new feature? See if you can guess from the picture.

  • After three years, the Pirate Insult Generator and Pirate Utility iPhone apps are getting major updates! The big addition? Sharing!

  • The Pirate Utility made it!

    The 99¢ Pirate Utility that includes the Pirate Insult Generator and the Pirate Translator made it to the App Store! I was getting a little worried it would miss International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Pirate Monkeyness Apps plan

    The current plan for iPhone apps, including the free Pirate Insult Generator, Pirate Translator, and Pirate Name Generator and the pay Pirate Utility.