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Pirate Monkeyness


Arrrrgh! Ye just found the best place fer pirates on the web, or at least the best place fer people wantin’ to be pirates. Here ye can translate what ye say from English to Pirate. Ye can learn piratey insults. Ye can find pirate movie reviews. And there's more on the way!

Available Now

The Pirate Utility and Pirate Utility Lite iPhone apps are available on the iTunes store! There are huge improvements in the insults and translations and the Pirate Utility has a Pirate Photo Booth!

Things you can do here...

  • Pirate Translator - Possibly the most comprehensive English to Pirate Translator in the world! Versions available for the web, OS X Dashboard, and in the Pirate Utility iPhone app.
  • Pirate Insult Generator - Randomly generate pirate insults. Available in the Pirate Utility iPhone app and on the web.
  • Pirate Utility iPhone App - The translator, insult generator, the Pirate Photo Booth combined into one useful iPhone app!
  • Make Suggestions - Suggest apps, features, translations, and insults.
  • Latest News - Read the latest Pirate Monkeyness news.
  • Pirate Monkeyness on Twitter - Follow Pirate Monkeyness iPhone app development.
  • Pirate Monkeyness on Facebook
  • Pirate Drink Recipe - Make a drink. ’Twas never drunk by a real pirate, but that’s only ’cause pirates didn’ have freezers. ’Tis so fruity, it could have stopped a lot of scurvy.
  • Buy stuff - Not much to buy yet. In fact, the only things to buy right now are the Pirate Utility iPhone app and a Pirate Monkeyness t-shirt.
  • If you want to use the Pirate Insult Generator or the Pirate Translator in your own website or software, it's pretty easy with the Pirate Monkeyness API. Post to the suggestion form and I’ll email you back with details.
  • Pirate Movie Reviews - Check out the reviews of pirate movies I wrote while drinking rum. Probably more entertaining than useful.