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Pirate Insult Generator



The Pirate Insult Generator assembles full piratey sounding insults by randomly selecting threats, insults, adjectives, nouns, and exclamations from a variety of lists. The end result is usually a long-winded insult you might yell at a pirate in the heat of battle or during a duel. If you don't have much occasion to battle pirates, you could just try them out on friends, coworkers, and random strangers. Hopefully, they will be less likely to run you through with a sword. 

For example, here are some pirate insults you can get from the generator:

“We'll rip an' burn yer Jolly Roger, ye salty, pox-faced kraken ... Strike yer colors!”
“Ye don' need a sword. Yer face be deadlier, ye sorry, scurvy-infested, bilge-drinkin' swab ... Walk the gangplank!”
“Yer breath could kill a Kraken, ye parrot-loving, mutinous rogue ... Splice the mainbrace!”
“Ye smell like ye been swimmin' in the bilge, ye salty, scrappy sea bass ... Blimy!”
“Enough wit' yer bilge, ye sorry, black-spotted, nattering wretch ... Yo ho ho an' a bottle o' rum!”


After three years, the Pirate Insult Generator and Pirate Utility iPhone apps got major updates! The Pirate Insult Generator is now the Pirate Utility Lite and includes translations. The Pirate Utility has that and a Pirate Photo Booth!


The Pirate Insult Generator currently comes in two forms:


  • Pirate Utility iPhone app - The full version that includes the Pirate Insult Generator, English-to-Pirate translator, and Pirate Photo Booth.
  • Pirate Utility Lite iPhone app - The free version that includes the Pirate Insult Generator and English-to-Pirate translator.
  • Web-based - For you non-iPhone pirates, the web version can serve all your pirate insult needs.