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The English to Pirate translator converts plain English into Pirate. For example, enter "Hello there miss, I'm Mr. Moses. It is a fine day for some lunch", and click the translate button to get "Ahoy thar Wench. I'm Cap'n. Moses. 'tis a fine day fer some grub".

Download Pirate Translator v1.2 - Dashboard Widget from Apple
Download Pirate Translator v1.2 - Dashboard Widget from VersionTracker
Download Pirate Translator v1.2 - Dashboard Widget from Softpedia

110,996 downloads as of 10/17/2006 4:32 am
Reached #4 on Apple's Top 50 Widgets and the Staff Favorites

Pirate Translator included with MacUP magazine  11-2-2006    printer  

The Pirate Translator will be included on a CD in the Dec 2006 issue of MACup magazine. MACup is a German Mac magazine. I can't read a thing on the website, but if you can read German, check out the December issue and tell me what it says.

Pirate Fight has begun!  10-29-2006    printer  

The Pirate Fight has begun. Pit fearless random pirates against each other and if ye're pirate enough, join the fray!

Pirate Translator added to Wigipedia  10-17-2006    printer  

The Pirate Translator is now on Wigipedia, a new widget site.

Pirate Translator on MacObserver  10-17-2006    printer  

Chris Barylick of the Mac Observer wrote a nice article on the Pirate Translator. Thank you, Chris.

The Slacker's Guide - Pirate Translator and Pangea Arcade

Blow me down! Another Outage  10-8-2006    printer  

The success of the Pirate Translator has taken me by surprise. With roughly 80,000 downloads of the translator and only two major versions, there are probably 40,000 to 50,000 people out there using it. There are an average 15,000 translations a day since version 1.2 came out and a record 18,497 translations on 10/3.

Clearly, there is a great need for piratey speaking and I would hate for the translator to not be available during a pirate translation emergency, as happened with this weekend's outage. It's time to step it up a notch. I will set up 24 hour monitoring so I'll be paged if it stops working.

Pirate Translator on Sitening  10-3-2006    printer  

Jon Henshaw of Sitening blogged about the Pirate Translator today -- How to Talk Like A Pirate.

Shiver me timbers! Down again.  10-3-2006    printer  

I had it starting a new log every day, but as of today, it overran the file size by 4:37 pm. Time for a new logging scheme.

Pirate Translator on TUAW  10-3-2006    printer  

The Pirate Translator Widget made it to The Unofficial Apple Weblog -- Widget Watch: English to Pirate Translator.

English to Pirate Translator widget 1.2  10-2-2006    printer  

I added random exclamations to dress up bland untranslatable text. From the back of the widget, choose 'light', 'peppered', or 'doused' to make your text a little more colorful with random piratey exclamations.

This version can also tell you if there is a new version available. It would have been great to have that feature in the last version so you would know about this version.

Apple's Top 50 Widgets and Staff Favorites  9-30-2006    printer  

I'm not quite sure how this happened, but the Pirate Translator Widget for Dashboard has made it to #5 on Apple's Top 50 Widgets and it's on the Staff Favorites. There have been more than 38,000 downloads now.

Pirate Translator working again  9-23-2006    printer  

The Pirate Translator was pumpin' the bilge, er, that is to say, it stopped working. I have the translator log the original English and the translated Pirate parts of the translation so I can look through what people want to translate and come up with better translations. I did not take into account that it would grow so fast as to hit a file system limit in three days. I moved the old log out of the way and will work on some automatic rotation of logs so it doesn't happen again.

For those of you concerned with privacy as well as piracy, it does not store any identifying information about you with the text. It simply stores the text of the translation by itself. With that in mind, as long as you don't try to translate your name and the confession to a crime in the same translation, there should be nothing to worry about.

Tips on translating  9-21-2006    printer  

After watching what people try to translate, I have some tips for using the translator.

  1. This is English to Pirate, so entering piratey things like "Ahoy" won't be very interesting since they will just translate to "Ahoy".
  2. Pirate is based off of English, so some phrases may not change at all. Try rewording your English to get different results.
  3. It helps to spell your English correctly for the translator to know what to do with it.

English to Pirate Translator widget 1.1  9-20-2006    printer  

Now ajaxified. I was just changing the dictionary too fast, so it makes more sense to have it pull from a central repository. The server-based Perl version handles much more sophisticated regular expressions, so capitalization, words at the beginning of sentences, and verb tenses are handled now.

English to Pirate Translator widget 1.0  9-19-2006    printer  

This is the first version. Only does translation. It still needs to handle capitalization, more complex regular expressions, and a separate dictionary file. It supports nearly 200 words.