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Pirate Drinks

Frozen Berry Rum Drink for the Lasses

(or for mates who aren't afeared of bein' called a lass)

This is all I drink now because it is just so damn good. There is a lot of detail in this, but it is the final ingredient that makes all the difference.

* 1 part rum - Cruzan Estate Light Rum
  Any non-spiced rum will do. Better rums mean you can use more, but a cheaper rum will do since the other ingredients have a pretty strong flavor.
  1/4 cup of a 1.5 cup drink, 128 calories

* 3 parts cranberry juice - Costco Kirkland Series Cranberry Grape 100% Juice Blend
  This is the bulk of the drink, but you could use any favorite fruit juice here. I believe 100% juice makes a difference. I don't get tired of the taste as quickly and the extra vitamins may help reduce the effects of a hangover. I have also used Costco Kirkland Series Apple, Peach & Passionfruit 100% Juice Blend. It is 90 calories for 3/4 cup.
  3/4 cup of a 1.5 cup drink, 112 calories

* 1 part orange juice - Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Pure Orange Juice with Calcium and Vitamin D
  I always add the oj regardless of the other juice. It makes any drink seem fresher. Plus, you get some vitamin B6 and magnesium which may help alleviate some hangover symptoms.
  1/4 cup of a 1.5 cup drink, 28 calories

Finally, the key ingredient (aside from the rum) is frozen berries instead of ice. Yes. This is what makes it so un-manly. The frozen berries don't melt, so they don't water down the drink. However, they do release flavor as they melt, enhancing the flavor of the drink as you drink it. Pretty amazing.

* 1 part frozen berries by actual volume, 2 parts by dumping them in a measuring cup - Cascadian Farm Premium Frozen Organic Mixed Berry (Blueberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries)
  Any frozen blackberries or raspberries should work. Blueberries have a skin and don't seem to release much flavor.
  1/2 cup as measured in a measuring cup. However, it only displaces 1/4 cup of liquid, 35 calories.


I have no proof here, but through my experience, I suffer fewer or lesser hangovers for the amount of alcohol in this drink than from other drinks. According to the potential remedies listed in the Wikipedia Hangover page, this could be due to the ton of vitamin C and reasonable levels of vitamin B6, calcium, and magnesium you get from the juices and berries.

Made in America

For you pro-American pirates, all the specific ingredients I listed are either from the U.S. or the U.S. Virgin Islands, except for the oj which contain oranges from the U.S. and Brazil. It would be a good drink for Independence Day since it involves ingredients mostly from the U.S. and has red and blue berries floating in it.


For the calorie conscious, making a 1.5 cup drink, which is probably twice the volume of a regular drink with ice, totals 303 calories with the specific ingredients listed. Using the Apple juice instead of the cranberry juice reduces it to 281 calories. Notice most of the calories comes from the alcohol, so if you are drinking, you are going to get some calories. The important thing is that the rest of the ingredients don't have outrageous amounts of calories like you would get from most mixes.